DIFN Diaspora Volunteers visit to Adamawa in January 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday 6 July Mrs Alfa and Dr Abiola Ogunsola go to Cambridge

Tuesday 5 July. Dr Bakari was needed by the Governor of Adamawa Dr Murtala Nyakoa, who is also visiting London. Mrs Alfa and I took off to Cambridge to meet with Dr Elspeth Page who is now working for Camfed (the campaign for female education). Dr Page has developed a strategic plan for Continuing Professional Development for all levels of human resources at ADSUBEB so in addition to discussing Camfed, we also discussed what it would be useful for the team of volunteers that will be going to Adamawa State at the end of the month, to do.

Mrs Alfa takes the tube (London underground transport for the first time)

Mrs Alfa surfacing from the underground at Kings Cross station

At Kings Cross overground station waiting for the train to Cambridge.

Dr Elspeth Page takes us to lunch with ESSPIN's Mr Abimbola Osuntusa (Education Quality Specialist for Kaduna State)

Squeezing into Dr Page's small car was not as challenging as it looks!

Working in Dr Page's garden, we learn a lot about what is already going on in Education Development in Nigeria that will be useful for planning our programme for when the DIFN volunteers go to Adamawa State at the end of the month.

Waiting for the train back to London at Waterbeach station we say Goodbye and Thank You Very Much indeed Dr Elspeth Page. It was a busy but very rewarding visit.

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